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Aeon Meditec is a leading, cutting-edge medical equipment manufacturer focusing on ophthalmology tools and machines. Aeon Meditec has a professional team of technocrats and healthcare professionals who cater to the demanding needs of Ophthalmology healthcare stream.

Integrated Wide Angle Viewing System

Delivery System Options


Silicone Cover

Ultra view non inverter optical system
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Inverter Optical Body

Easy to adapt with any microscope

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Microscope Adapter

Optimum rotation without retinal shift
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Uninterrupted access to surgeon at high diopter


Delivery System Options


Laser console

Ideal product for OR & Clinic Powerful & Reliable

Integrated Laser Slitlamp

True Parfocal Beam Delivery for exceptional energy distribution.

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope

LIO integrated with Keeler, provides unique controls of aperture size and spot position.

Endo Ocular Probes

Straight and angled probes available in 20, 23, 25 gauge.